Art Found and Stolen in Hong Kong

This arrived in our inbox from Robin Mac Donald!


We are delighted it found a new home!

Thanks Robin!

Hong Kongers out and about on Sat

Some photos of Team Hong Kong hiding art on Sat. Looks great guys!

Introducing Matthew Reece Pollard

Matthew is one of our new Londoners. Matthew is a London based artist currently studying an MFA in fine art at Kingston Uni. He explores space through intervention, installation, photography and sculpture.

You can check out more of his work here.

Team Hong Kong working hard before hitting the streets!

Last night before HQ Dublin went to bed, Team Hong Kong were up early getting ready to take to the streets!

Keep an eye here for info, images and maps to find our magnetic art in your city!

Odd Sock shows up again!

Our lovely Jojo Hynes is leading Team London. Jojo has been a member of A4 since  2009, curated A4 shows in Galway and Melbourne, popped up in Hong Kong on her travels and is now based in London.

“Jojo Hynes is an Irish artist and is back in art college AGAIN, this time to study an MA at Kingston University. She is currently rethinking her whole practice. Jojo is a natural maximiser trying to embrace Minimalism and get the basics right!

At the moment she still likes collaborating and pursuing contemporary issues in visual art.
She spans all the material genres, has a background in Fine Art and Street Theatre and is always busy doing stuff and thangs.”

Check more of her work on her website and blog

Introducing Begoña García-Alén

More A4ers! Originally from Spain Begoña is now living and undertaking an MA in European Art Practice in London.

Check out her work at and on her blog.

The talented lady also has a number of fanzines Honey Bloom, Staff and Fire Cream which you can pick up for a few squids.

Introducing Goeun Song

We are delighted to have her in the A4 family! Goeun Song is currently based on London and studying an MA in Art&Space at Kingston University.

‘Unidentified things scattered in the middle of rice paddy, ridiculously high- rise apartment buildings over the barren field, piles of red soil dug from mountainside , a harmony between needle leaf trees and telegraph poles lining a street like trees.’

Her work maintains an observer’s view and reveals the confrontational and conflict-marred relationship between people and things, and between surrounding environments.

Introducing Cybil Scott

Cybil is one of our London artists and new member of the A4 team!

Cybil is currently studying an MA in European Arts Practice at Kingston University, London

“Cybil Scott is a London based visual artist whose practice questions perceptions of memory and color through a variety of mediums such as oil, photography, free media collage, acrylic, and trash. Her work currently explores the changing ideologies of the natural world faced with the rapidly evolving techno-industrial realm.”

Check out her work


Project launch 24th Nov 2012

On 24th Nov A4 artists in Dublin, Toronto, London and Hong Kong will turn their city streets into galleries. This will be our first exhibition that will take place in 4 cities internationally simultaneously.

Keep an eye out here and for more info over the next few weeks. We will upload maps, locations and details from each city to help you get some free art! All we ask in return is to send us some photos of their new homes.


A4 International Team

Project coming soon!

We will be launching our international street exhibition soon!!!

Come back for more details over the next few weeks


A4 Sounds International Team