About A4 Sounds

A4 Sounds is an interdisciplinary art collective based in Dublin but with members across the globe. The mission of the A4 Sounds art collective is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, curate innovative participatory art events and broaden engagement through community arts education. Our new workspace is an extension of this work, intended as a participative socially engaged arts and education centre in Dublin. Drawing on the best elements from existing artist studios, maker spaces, social spaces and education practices, both nationally and internationally, we are developing a unique model which both supports practitioners’ professional development and effects real social change in response to our needs as citizens and communities, and how we access and participate in arts and education.

From London to Switzerland!

Kilian Brändle and his girlfriend visited London a few weeks ago and happened upon one of our pieces in a phone booth near Big Ben! Through the power of curiosity we received a photograph via email.



This one made it the whole way to Switzerland! As a result Kilian is now going to take part in the Project. Hopefully we can escape to more countries throughout the year.

Thanks Kilian for giving it a home!

Art Found and Stolen in Hong Kong

This arrived in our inbox from Robin Mac Donald!


We are delighted it found a new home!

Thanks Robin!

Hong Kongers out and about on Sat

Some photos of Team Hong Kong hiding art on Sat. Looks great guys!

Hong Kong Map

Here’s Hong Kong’s treasure map! The magnetic art is hidden around the Sheung Wan area. Good luck and send us pics!

London Map

Here’s a map to help you find our magnetic graffiti in Westminster. Good luck and remember to send us some pics!

Introducing Matthew Reece Pollard

Matthew is one of our new Londoners. Matthew is a London based artist currently studying an MFA in fine art at Kingston Uni. He explores space through intervention, installation, photography and sculpture.

You can check out more of his work here.

Severine Arrouy Team Hong Kong

Severine Arrouy became a member of A4 this year for our A4 Sound is Super Superstitious exhibition in Hong Kong. We are delighted to have her on board again for our first event to take place simultaneously in 5 cities internationally!


Originally from France Severine now lives and works as a designer with Shadows Players Studios in Hong Kong.

Team Hong Kong working hard before hitting the streets!

Last night before HQ Dublin went to bed, Team Hong Kong were up early getting ready to take to the streets!

Keep an eye here for info, images and maps to find our magnetic art in your city!

Leading Team Hong Kong ……..

Our Hong Kongers are back with more fantastic art! Lead by the original “ginge” Finn Williamson with her own brand of comic genius. Finn is a founding member of A4 Sounds in 2009, a divil on power tools with the strength of 10 men in her right arm! She has curated shows both in Ireland and Hong Kong where she is currently living and working.

You can check out her work here.

Team London out and about in Westminster earlier today!

If you are in London you can grab some magnetic graffiti in Westminster now. If you grab some please email us pictures!